EMSASEnhanced Missouri Student Achievement Study
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Thus, two MFS transporter-encoding genes--the putative MFS glucose transporter rco3 (TrireRUTC30: 136988) and the predictedMFS siderophore iron transporter sit (TrireRUTC30: 115870)--were selected for EMSAs. However, no gel retardation was observed for the probes corresponding to the promoters of these two genes (Fig.
To investigate whether VDR or RXR were binding to the rs28451064 probes in vitro, competitor EMSAs were performed with both Huh-7 and HepG2 nuclear extracts.
Second, correlated I[kappa]B degradation with NF-[kappa]B DNA binding activity, our findings by EMSA confirmed that nuclear proteins from S.
EMSAs were conducted to determine whether the increased expression of IL-8 was associated with DNA binding activity of the major transcription factors responsible for their regulation, AP-1 and NF-[kappa]B.
We used nuclear protein samples extracted from control and ROFA-exposed rabbit lungs in electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA).
Cellular nuclear extracts were prepared (5 /g) and analyzed for NF-[kappa]B activation by EMSA. Data are representative examples of three experiments.