EMSATEncyclopedia of Materials Science and Technology
EMSATEmergency Medical Services Association of Texas (Austin, TX)
EMSATEnvironmental Management Self-Assessment Tool (US Air Force)
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IBM's EMSAT applies a set of 16 rules to a board design to provide guidance about the potential landmines the design might have stepped on.
With permission from Moss Bay EDA, distributors of IBM's EMSAT, here is a brief summary of the 16 IBM design guidelines for good EMC design:
To examine the nature of the relationships among the variables, correlations between EMSAT and the dependent measures were computed using one-tailed tests in conjunction with the hypothesized sign (see Table 2).
BOATRACS is a distributor of OmniTRACS (QUALCOMM), EMSAT, Inmarsat and Orbcomm services.