EMSATEncyclopedia of Materials Science and Technology
EMSATEmergency Medical Services Association of Texas (Austin, TX)
EMSATEnvironmental Management Self-Assessment Tool (US Air Force)
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IBM's EMSAT applies a set of 16 rules to a board design to provide guidance about the potential landmines the design might have stepped on.
With permission from Moss Bay EDA, distributors of IBM's EMSAT, here is a brief summary of the 16 IBM design guidelines for good EMC design:
To examine the nature of the relationships among the variables, correlations between EMSAT and the dependent measures were computed using one-tailed tests in conjunction with the hypothesized sign (see Table 2).
Datasat provides voice, facsimile, data, short messaging services (SMS) and GPS using EMSAT (the European mobile satellite communication system).
BOATRACS is a distributor of OmniTRACS (QUALCOMM), EMSAT, Inmarsat and Orbcomm services.