EMSCEuropean-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (France)
EMSCEmergency Medical Services for Children
EMSCOffice of Elementary, Middle, Secondary and Continuing Education (New York)
EMSCEmergency Medical Services Corporation (Greenwood Village, CO)
EMSCEmergency Medical Services Committee (various locations)
EMSCElectronic Mail Standards Committee
EMSCEuropean Medical Students' Choir
EMSCEngine Monitoring System Computer (aviation)
EMSCEnvironmental Measures and Subsidence Control (India)
EMSCEnvironmental Monitoring and Services Center
EMSCEquivalent Magnetic Surface Current
EMSCWisconsin Emergency Medical Service for Children (Wisconsin Department of Health Services)
EMSCEnhanced Multicast for Small Conferences
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6.The quake, which was at a shallow depth of 10 kilometres, hit 8km south of the town of Acipayam, said the EMSC.
BNO News reported residents in Greece describing the quake to officials with the EMSC as "strong," adding that they experienced shaking for an estimated 15 to 30 seconds.
The independent twitter handle EMSC has also reported signs of a tremor that occurred just now.
Eyewitness reports collected by EMSC were mainly from people in the Hull and Grimsby areas but also included people from much further afield.
"Implementation and Evaluation of Care of Children in the Emergency Department: Guidelines for Preparedness." Presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics Emergency Department Preparedness Guidelines Advisory Council; National EMSC Resource Center; Silver Springs, MD; May 2-4, 2007.
The EMSC said they had 4,000 reports about the quake.
Currently, HSI agents and analysts are working alongside Europol partners in the ECTC, with additional HSI agents working in the European Migrant Smuggling Centre (EMSC).
Each set of 10 spectra was preprocessed with extended multiplicative scatter correction (EMSC) and after that averaged to homogenize the spectral fingerprint of heterogeneous surfaces of panel.
Prior to multivariate analyses or classification, the data was preprocessed by performing the second derivative using the Savitzky-Golay algorithm with 9 smoothing points and normalization using the extended multiplicative signal correction (EMSC).
Earthquake with magnitude of 4.6 on the Richter scale is recorded on Iran's territory in the morning hours of Friday, according to the official website of the European Mediterranean Seismic Center (EMSC).
Both Powerstar and BWS will remain under their own identities but will now be part of the wider EMSc Global Ltd group of companies.
In addition, HSBC is working with Powerstar to build a group facility for EMSc Global Ltd post-acquisition.