EMSEEcole des Mines de Saint-Etienne (French engineering school)
EMSEÉcole nationale supérieure des mines de Saint-Étienne
EMSEEngineering Management and Systems Engineering
EMSEEmpirical Research Methods in Software Engineering
EMSEEstimated Mean Square Error
EMSEExperimental Methodical Seismologic Expedition
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The next section surveys the analyses on the economic effects of the Basel III framework and the potential consequences of new capital regulations in EMSEs.
Even though the impact studies and estimates of the effects were targeted at the advanced economies, they should hold for the EMSEs as well.
EMSEs with lower credit ratings could thus find their banking system with higher capital levels than in advanced economies, regardless of whether banks in the latter are more exposed to other systemic risks.
In addition, least mean-square (LMS) and recursive least square (RLS) based algorithms are proposed respectively for updating the mixing vector iteratively, where the theoretical investigations for these algorithms in terms of MSE and EMSE are also introduced.
Thus, EMSE of proposed iterative algorithm based on [eta]-LMS is
k] [much less than] 1, then the expression of EMSE simplifies to
La EMSE se aplico en colegios publicos y privados de cinco ciudades de Colombia (Bogota, Bucaramanga, Cali, Manizales y Valledupar), en los grados 7 a 10, de manera que incluyera los estudiantes de 13 a 15 anos.
El cuestionario de la EMSE aplicado en Colombia contenia 81 preguntas de distintos temas (Aspectos demograficos; habitos alimentarios; actividad fisica; consumo de tabaco; consumo de alcohol; relaciones sexuales).
La EMSE se aplico en los colegios de manera simultanea con la Encuesta Mundial de Tabaquismo (EMTAJ, por sus siglas en espanol).
We also determined the optimal concentrations of COD, POD, 4-AA, and EMSE in the same way; the optimal concentrations were 2.
The amount of choline produced is proportional to that of the calcium and is determined with COD and POD in the presence of 4-AA and EMSE as the increase in absorbance at 546 nm for the quinone dye.
The DoLi's 140mm EMSE shock source has been proven repeatable, reliable, safe and effective, and it lasts for a minimum of 600,000 shocks.