EMSGE-Mail Message
EMSGEmail Message
EMSGExpeditionary Mission Support Group
EMSGEndocrine Modulators Steering Group (European Chemical Industry Council)
EMSGEmergency Medical Spanish Guide (software)
EMSGElectronic Manufacturing Services Group, Inc. (York, PA)
EMSGEmergency Medical Services Group, Inc (Bakersfield, California)
EMSGElectronic Messaging Services Gateway (New Zealand)
EMSGExecutive Management Services Group
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Segundo y si bien la diferenciacion entre EMSG y EMST solo tiene efectos minimos, debe recordarse que este hallazgo se observa en un modo institucional de debil acople entre educacion y trabajo.
In the absence of a wing plans and programs (XP) function, EMSG took on the responsibilities for planning and executing the wing's readiness exercise program.
Though the wing XP normally has the responsibility for overseeing the implementation and use of TBMCS, in absence of an XP at Al Udeid, EMSG took on this responsibility and developed a TBMCS implementation plan, later codified in an operating instruction, to provide the guidance and oversight, roles and responsibilities, and processes and procedures for use of the tool.
In the absence of wing priorities, EMSG priorities were coordinated with the wing commander to ensure those priorities were congruent with his direction for the future.
EMSG chose the following as its priorities, in order of precedence.
Using these priorities, it was possible to develop a long-range plan for EMSG that articulated a vision and expressed executable action steps to achieve that vision.
Articulating a common vision for EMSG was necessary to ensure all units were collectively headed in the same direction.
The commander's intent for EMSG had a threefold vision.
It took 4 months to develop a clear understanding of the root causes of problems that plagued EMSG and the wing.
In early November, EMSG leadership and squadron commanders met for a half day offsite and the group commander presented his intent.
The squadron plans were then rolled up into an EMSG plan.
The EMSG business application (maintenance management in urban areas) is included.