EMSIÉcole Marocaine des Sciences de l'Ingénieur (French: Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences)
EMSIElectronic Manufacturing Services Industry
EMSIEcole de Management des Systèmes d'Information
EMSIElectro-Mechanical Systems International
EMSIEmergency Medical Services Instructor
EMSIEtudes de Mécanique Sismique (French: Studies of Seismic Mechanics)
EMSIExecutive Management Services, Inc.
EMSIExpanded Multi-Sensor Integration
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Miller, An economic model comparison of EMSI and IMPLAN: Case of Mistletoe Marketplace, TOURISM ECONOMICS (2016) (available at: http://dx.
A total of 40 sets of data was collected from EMSI students, who had been working as interpreters.
Na porcao localizada no municipio X que tem a maior parte da TIK, existem tres postos de saude, sendo que dois deles mantinham uma regularidade nos servicos de saude, contando com toda a EMSI A, e o terceiro tinha o apoio cotidiano de um agente de saude e de um tecnico indigena em enfermagem.
Our college relies heavily on EMSI Analyst to assist us in understanding the technical training needs of our region.
WWCC uses data extensively, with the help of EMSI and the school's own research and planning staff, and works closely with businesses and the community in order to respond to local and regional needs.
EMSI found the average annual income for self-employed workers is just under $27,000.
Annual Conference of EMSI on Electron Microscopy and Allied Fields.
EMSI, a consulting company that provides workforce and economic data, notes that Arkansas mirrors the national economy with much of the data regarding workforce ratios.
En el articulo se revisan los componentes de un sistema informatico, herramientas similares a EMSI disponibles en el mercado, asi como de la naturaleza, el analisis y la gestion de la fiabilidad con esta herramienta gratuita que puede ser aprovechada en el ambito academico.
Louis and comprised Of four grassroots coalitions throughout the region, the primary objectives of the EMSI Rescue & Restore Consortium are to identify victims of trafficking through outreach, training, and public awareness and to provide referral services for potential victims.
Big Data has become an integral part of the recruitment process and EMSI brings a great competitive advantage to CareerBuilder and our clients.