EMSLEnvironmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory
EMSLEnvironmental Molecular Science Laboratory (operated by Battelle for the US DoE; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
EMSLEuropean Microwave Signature Laboratory
EMSLEnvironmental Monitoring Support Laboratory
EMSLElectron Microscopy Service Laboratory
EMSLExpedition Medicine Sierra Leone
EMSLEnvironmental and Molecular Support Laboratory (PNL)
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Jansson will continue his work with SUSIBA2 to further investigate the mechanisms involved with the allocation of carbon using mass spectrometry and imaging capabilities at EMSL. Jansson and collaborators also want to analyse how roots and microbial communities interact to gain a more holistic understanding of any impacts a decrease in methane-producing bacteria may have.
Working with JCESR colleagues, Wang led development of a wet battery cell in a transmission electron microscope at EMSL, the DOE's Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory on the PNNL campus.
In the case of palladium, Stuttgart-Dresden effective core potentials with accompanying basis sets were used (obtained from EMSL Basis Set Exchange) [31,32].
Provider of technology solutions Emblaze Ltd (LSE:BLZ) announced on Monday that its UK subsidiary, Emblaze Mobility Solutions Limited (EMSL), has been successful in recovering the remaining disputed sum of GBP1.5m, which was part of the overall VAT repayments claimed withheld by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) since March 2006.
Company (83%), product (67%) and disease (65%) websites get most investments with the least used tactics of mobile (9%), eMSL (8%) and virtual reps (12%).”
The 200,000 [ft.sup.2] (18 600 [m.sup.2]) Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL), a DOE national scientific user facility, uses 472,000 Btu/[ft.sup.2] (5360 MJ/[m.sup.2]) of energy annually (Photo 1).
The EMSL Analytical Product Division, which provides cutting-edge products and solutions to the environmental professional, is offering the industry's lowest price for Air-O-Cell(R) Cassettes.
The other companies in the top quarter of the list are Accutest Laboratories, EMSL Analytical and Columbia Analytical Services, with $50.5 million, $42 million and $35.9 million in annual revenues, respectively.
Water samples were filtered at the local laboratory (Great Lakes Scientific, Inc., Stevensville, MI, and Cuyahoga County Sanitary Engineering Division, Cleveland, OH), and filters were shipped on dry ice to the contract laboratory (EMSL Analytical Inc.
The collaborative team consists of ARS's Environmental Microbial Safety Laboratory (EMSL) in Beltsville, Maryland; ARS's Antimicrobial Research Laboratory in Athens, Georgia; Cornell University; Pennsylvania State University; and the University of Pennsylvania (UP).
Researchers at Pacific Northwest's Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) who use ICR mass spectrometers in their work must monitor internal temperatures of their instruments.
Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) has as its primary mission the understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological processes that underlie environmental remediation, waste processing and storage, human health effects, and atmospheric chemistry.