EMSLEnvironmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory
EMSLEnvironmental Molecular Science Laboratory (operated by Battelle for the US DoE; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
EMSLEuropean Microwave Signature Laboratory
EMSLEnvironmental Monitoring Support Laboratory
EMSLElectron Microscopy Service Laboratory
EMSLExpedition Medicine Sierra Leone
EMSLEnvironmental and Molecular Support Laboratory (PNL)
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Jansson will continue his work with SUSIBA2 to further investigate the mechanisms involved with the allocation of carbon using mass spectrometry and imaging capabilities at EMSL.
Consequently, EMSL recorded approximately USD4m as other income, net of related expenses, in 2011, Emblaze said adding that the High Court of Justice has now ordered that EMSL be paid the balance of sums withheld by HMRC of approximately GBP1.
Other no- or low-cost measures taken at EMSL were adjusting the building and system temperatures, fine-tuning HVAC systems, implementing night setbacks on thermostats, turning off lights not needed during day shift and after hours, and reprogramming digital controls to shut down heating and cooling water loops based on outdoor air temperatures.
In conjunction with its announcement of new Air-O-Cell pricing, EMSL has also been in the forefront in introducing a new revolutionary sampling cassette designed for long-term sampling periods of up to 24 hours.
The Southridge Engineering Technology SST team took on the problem and found a solution to help the scientists at EMSL more accurately monitor these extremely low temperatures inside the instruments.
Even before it became operational, EMSL had enticed an impressive list of world-class scientists to use its wide-ranging set of instruments and facilities.
In one project, EMSL researchers are using them to discover how carbon tetrachloride is destroyed when it is converted to methane gas during cleanup.
Lobring, chief of Inorganic Chemistry Branch EMSL, Office of Research and Development, all at EPA, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Weilin Jiang, EMSL scientist, adds, "Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of helium-ion microscopy is the ability to clearly image uncoated insulating materials.
Using high-resolution spectrometry instruments in EMSL, DOE's Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory on the PNNL campus, they then determined which molecules the smoke contained.
An upgrade to the facility power delivery infrastructure, since EMSL previously delivered enough power for 27,297 Btu/hr (8 kW) racks.
EMSL Analytical acquired Hygienetics Environmental Services' asbestos lab division in May.