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EMSOEuropean Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observatory (marine research)
EMSOElectromagnetic Spectrum Operations (US DoD)
EMSOEuropean Medical Students' Orchestra
EMSOEuropean Mobility Service Office
EMSOElectronic Music Shop Online (Germany)
EMSOEthnic Minority Student Organization
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While changes in the electronic warfare community may be more visible, convergence to EMSO will affect the spectrum management community even more profoundly.
ANEXO 3: Resultados simulacion en EMSO para el transporte de Dietilanilina.
To refine and document this new EMSO concept, an EMSO Concept Capabilities Plan was developed by the Signal Center.
The host nation coordination and policy are EMSO core functions that often restrict the options that are available to the spectrum manager.
The next major function of EMSO is Spectrum Management.
Making deconflicted frequency assignments is the culmination of the EMSO process and it results in fully enabling the commander's warfighting spectrum dependent systems.
Referring back to the EMSO concept diagram, it clearly shows the relationship of EMSO to EW Operations.
The EMSO CCP laid the foundation for the concept and been the basis for the Signal Center to conduct a Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel and Facilities assessment.
The new 25E course, Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager, which was based initially on the D9 BSM Course, has been almost totally revised and includes instruction for coordinating EW and EMSO related tasks.
Adding EMSO content to officer, warrant officer and NCO leadership courses will help cover one of the most critical parts of DOTMLPF, Leadership and Education.
There is a critical need for an EMSO tool that will provide S6/G6s with the ability to conduct spectrum operations mission planning.
WIN-T will provide some limited EMSO capabilities by 2010.