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EMSP1Enamel Matrix Serine Proteinase 1
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Two proteases of the matrix, metalloproteinase 20 (MMP-20, or enamelysin) and kallikrein 4 (KLK4, or enamel matrix serine proteinase 1, EMSP1), are known to play important roles in removing enamel proteins during amelogenesis.
Drawing conclusions on possible functional similarities between murine or porcine EMSP1 proteins and human hK4 is hampered by the fact that the former have glycosylation patterns, molecular forms, and propeptides distinct from human hK4 (26).
New gene Previous gene New protein symbol (a,b) symbol(s) symbol KLK1 KLK1 hK1 KLK3 KLK3 hK3 KLK2 KLK2 hK2 KLK4 PRSS17, KLK-L1, KLK4 hK4 KLK5 KLK-L2 hK5 KLK6 PRSS9 hK6 KLK7 PRSS6 hK7 KLKS PRSS19 hK8 KLK9 KLK-L3 hK9 KLK10 PRSSL1, hK10 KLK11 PRSS20 hK11 KLK12 KLK-L5 hK12 KLK13 KLK-L4 hK13 KLK14 KLK-L6 hK14 New gene symbol (a,b) Other protein names/symbols KLK1 Pancreatic/renal kallikrein, hPRK KLK3 Prostate-specific antigen, PSA KLK2 Human glandular kallikrein 1, hGK-1 KLK4 Prostase, KLK-L1 protein, EMSP1 KLK5 KLK-L2 protein, HSCTE KLK6 Zyme, protease M, neurosin KLK7 HSCCE KLKS Neuropsin, ovasin, TADG-14 KLK9 KLK-L3 protein KLK10 NES1 protein KLK11 TLSP/hippostasin KLK12 KLK-L5 protein KLK13 KLK-L4 protein KLK14 KLK-L6 protein New gene GenBank symbol (a,b) Accession No.