EMSRExpected Marginal Seat Revenue
EMSREastbourne Miniature Steam Railway (UK)
EMSRElektro-, Mess-, Steuer- und Regelungstechnik (German automation term)
EMSREmergency Medical Services Reserve (Pasadena Fire Department; Pasadena, CA)
EMSREnvironmental Monitoring Surveillance and Remediation (Northern New Mexico Citizens' Advisory Board)
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The EMSR will monitor key Huntington Beach-built ISS hardware, including the ISS's pre-integrated truss structure, pressurized mating adapters and mobile transporter.
The new EMSR features a state-of-the-art data and communications system that is substantially more capable and reliable than its predecessor and is capable of growth to meet emerging or expanded mission requirements.
Seven modules will cover domestic and international developments in broadband and narrowband PCS, cellular, EMSR, SMR and private land mobile, wireless local loop, mobile/wireless equipment, wireless location services, wireless resale, mobile satellite, and mobile/wireless data.
Pipework,1 pc membrane expansion tanks 600 l,1 pc EMSR - conditioning as outdoor cabinet with 2 frequency converters 40 kW,1 PSCH energy supply - and Kummunikationskabel,2.
Subject of the tender are the necessary planning services according to HOAI for - Reconstruction of the CAST-reactors to run aeration tank;- Create an aeration tank for intermittent denitrification;- New secondary settling tank with return / excess sludge pumping station;- Flockungsfilter for further phosphate elimination;- Required operational buildings and facilities;- Connecting pipes, main and auxiliary equipment;- Energy supply, EMSR and control systems.
The client plans with the participation of the contractor EMSR and the hydraulic connection of the electric heater to the appropriate parts of the system or network at the site.