EMSRExpected Marginal Seat Revenue
EMSREastbourne Miniature Steam Railway (UK)
EMSRElectrician's Mate, Ship Repair (US Navy)
EMSRElektro-, Mess-, Steuer- und Regelungstechnik (German automation term)
EMSREmergency Medical Services Reserve (Pasadena Fire Department; Pasadena, CA)
EMSREnvironmental Monitoring Surveillance and Remediation (Northern New Mexico Citizens' Advisory Board)
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Through the EMSR method, we can figure out this airline's expected value of the seat capacity and regard it as the bidding price.
Using the EMSR method [5], we can figure out the relevant bid price b([A.sup.m.sub.n]) of all strategies.
According to EMSR data, LSEG, which comprises the London Stock Exchange, Turquoise and Borsa Italiana, saw its monthly average market share by turnover drop from 29.13% in H1 2009 to 24.67% in H1 2010.
The LSE's UK cash equity segment took the lion's share of the losses, taking a total of a[logical not]653 billion in H1 2010 according to EMSR. This gives the LSE a monthly average of just 12.95% market share of pan-European trading across the last six months, a drop of 4.4 percentage points compared to H1 2009.
Moreover, on the base of results from previous studies (Alonso-Tapia, 2005; Alonso-Tapia et al., 2010) and on evidence reflecting the positive and negative effects of performance approach on self-regulation (Hulleman, Schrager, Bodmann, & Harackiewicz, 2010), we expected that scales corresponding to the five kinds of item mentioned would be structured as shown in Figure 1, defining two main emotion and motivation self-regulation styles (EMSRS): Learning and Avoidance.