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EMTEmergency Medical Technician
EMTEmpresa Municipal de Transportes (Madrid, Spain)
EMTEpithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
EMTEmergency Medical Treatment
EMTEmergency Management Team
EMTEmergency Medical Team
EMTEfficient Market Theory
EMTEmail Money Transfer
EMTExtended Mobility Technology (Goodyear Tires)
EMTEffective Medium Theory
EMTEesti Mobiiltelefon (Estonian Mobile operator)
EMTEnglish Mother Tongue
EMTElectronic Manufacturing Technology
EMTElectromagnetic Tomography
EMTElectromagnetic Transient
EMTEnergy Management Team (various locations)
EMTEffective-Mass Theory
EMTEffects Management Tool (US Army/Marine Corps AFATDS client)
EMTEnhanced Multi-Threading
EMTEquivalent Megatonnage
EMTElectron Multiplier Tube
EMTEmergency Medical Tag
EMTElapsed Maintenance Time
EMTElectron Microscope Tomography
EMTEn Minä Tiedä (Finnish: I Don't Know)
EMTEach More Than
EMTExpert Missile Tracker
EMTEmergency Medical Tourniquet
EMTEastern Mediterranean Time (GMT+0200)
EMTExecutive Mentors and Trainers (Seattle, WA)
EMTEuropean Mean Time
EMTengineering model thruster
EMTEffective Methods Team
EMTElectromechanical Team (ICBM maintenance)
EMTEnhanced Modulation Techniques
EMTEmpresa Madeirense de Tabacos, SA (Portugal)
EMTExhaust/Muffler/Tailpipe (automobiles)
EMTElectromechanical Maintenance Team (ICBM)
EMTEngine Materials Technology
EMTElement Management Tool
EMTEmbedded Memory Testing
EMTElectronic Money Transfer
EMTEntertainment, Media and Technology
EMTEnvironmental Management Team (US Army)
EMTEnergy Marketing and Trading
EMTElectrical Metallic Tubing
EMTEl Monte, CA (airport code)
EMTEase of Movement (clothing)
EMTEpic Meal Time (food artists)
emtelectromechanical technology
EMTEarly Modern Thought (network; European Science Foundation)
EMTExecutive Management Team (various organizations)
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Recently, Tucson Sector deployed Mobile Response Team (MRT) agents to areas effected by the recent hurricanes, many who have attended this EMT program.
sup][19] We recently demonstrated that diminishing the CF of transforming growth factor-[sz] (TGF-[sz]) receptors (TGF-[sz]Rs) blocked renal tubular EMT in cultured human renal proximal tubular epithelial cells in vitro and alleviated renal interstitial fibrosis in rats with unilateral ureteral obstruction.
Molecular insights revealed that berberine regulates EMT via downregulation of PI3/Akt and Ras-Raf-ERK signalling and subsequent upregulation of p38-MAPK.
The EMT program can be activated with remarkable rapidity in epithelial cells.
Additionally, EMT acquired Advanced Graphic Equipment in 2011.
We hypothesized that the expiratory pressures of the Threshold IMT device used in reverse will reflect the pressures calibrated for IMT, which would enable both IMT and EMT to be performed using the same device.
As a custom designer of carrying cases, Fieldtex has been supplying the EMT market with bags for many years, and has strived to provide bags that fit the needs of EMTs in different situations.
Research has shown that carcinomas, tumors that form in the epithelium (lining) of organs are able to reactivate EMT.
The supervisor then assigns shifts based on input from EMTs, the agency director, and changes in EMT availability.
If we can understand the signaling pathway for modulating EMT, then we can design drugs to delay or halt EMT cells and control tumor progression.
Compared with the third quarter of 2008, Tele2 increased the market share of its business segment by 14 percent, while 12 percent of the business segment had left EMT during the same period.
Wireless operator EMT, the Estonian subsidiary of TeliaSonera, said tests of BlueSky Positioning's A-GPS technology were successful.