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EMTALAEmergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (US federal law governing assessment and transfer of patients seeking emergency care)
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Various laws and policies in the United States, such as EMTALA and the 14th Amendment, have created an environment that has provided incentives for undocumented immigrants to enter the nation, and to take advantage of the privileges that have been afforded to them.
general public, not just Medicare beneficiaries, EMTALA imposes what is
EMTALA was enacted in 1986 to ensure "public access to emergency services regardless of the ability to pay.
This result is contrary both to the legal rule under EMTALA, noted above, and to many people's moral intuition that it is wrong to let foreigners die on our streets if they are unwilling to pay for their health care.
I still don't know what our legal obligation is under EMTALA, but I had never heard of an OB service without a provision for unassigned patients.
Burt and Arispe (2004), and Kane (2003) the 24/7 availability of the Emergency Department (ED) and EMTALA rules make it very difficult for ED to select the patients they will serve.
EMTALA has been particularly damaging to hospital providers, as the public has been trained to go to the ER even for nonemergency care.
Before the EMTALA, emergency rooms could - and did - deny treatment to people who couldn't provide proof of insurance.
For example, a hospital would violate the EMTALA if it demands payment before providing emergency care.
Because EMTALA already assures patients emergency care in the unlikely event of a serious complication following an abortion, the Virginia section of ACOG considers requiring specific agreements with individual hospitals "onerous and unnecessary.
Because many policies were introduced only after the RHIE was completed, including the EMTALA, evidence from the Massachusetts reform provides a critical update to these classic results.