EMTEElectromagnetic Test Environment
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Atraves da analise Post-hoc (HSD Tukey), verificou-se que as diferencas ocorriam entre os grupos EMTE e EEMT, relativamente a variavel Memoria Verbal Imediata (p=.
Tendo como base a literatura em que se postula que doentes com EMTE tem um compromisso maior a nivel neuropsicologico do que os doentes com EMTD, e com a finalidade de compreender se esses defices tambem emergiam na nossa amostra, fomos verificar, para as provas neuropsicologicas utilizadas, se os doentes do grupo EMTE apresentavam maior compromisso que os do grupo EMTD.
Atraves das analises anteriores verificamos que os doentes com EMTD e EMTE se encontram igualmente comprometidos na generalidade das suas funcoes cognitivas (cfr.
Meanwhile, the Director's Office for Test Facilities and Resources, Office of the Secretary of Defense, took issue with last month's article, which stated that the DOD's EMTE recommendations appear to conflict with the findings of the 1994 Board of Directors (vice chiefs for all the services) and the recommendations of the JCSG/TE.
who has argued to the BRACC that the EMTE should remain at Eglin for several reasons.
In 1994, the Board of Directors (vice chiefs for all the services) studied the issue of consolidating all DOD ECDT&E and found that the most capable range in the DOD was the EMTE at Eglin.
Furthermore, congressional sources indicate that the Air Force has not identified the cost data that it used to provide the estimates for the EMTE, AFEWES and REDCAP DOD recommendations.
Located at 22 test sites across the EMTE are 46 actual and simulated threat systems, representing earlywarning/acquisition radars, SAM and AAA threats and dynamic closed-loop semiactive missile seeker systems.
According to Rogers and Lt Col Bob Acosta, commander of the wing's EC Test Squadron, one of the test community's priorities is to capture the "rainbow" threat that modern aviators will face; the EMTE thus sports a number of US systems and some grey ones, like the Flycatcher, a Dutch MMW radar.
Finally, the EMTE is hosting some tests of the newly operational Harm Targeting System (HTS) for the F-16, scrutinizing various versions and possible upgrades of the system.
The EMTE capability is among the base's oldest, having begun in the early 1950s.
The EMTE is used to test jammer performance, expendables, threat warning and reconnaissance systems.