EMTFExpeditionary Mobility Task Force
EMTFEducational Multimedia Task Force (EU)
EMTFEmergency Medical Technician, Fireline
EMTFEmergency Management Task Force
EMTFEmergency Medical Task Force
EMTFElectronic Mail Task Force
EMTFEast Maui Taro Festival (Hana, HI)
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In addition to the fixed and deployable components, the EMTF presents a specialized component comprised of Theater Deployable Communications (TDC) and Combat Camera (ComCam).
In summary, AMC strengthens the character of the EMTF by presenting forces uniquely tailored to the combatant commander.
Each component of the EMTF provides capabilities uniquely suited to supporting the projection and employment of expeditionary forces to achieve joint-force objectives.
As the vanguard of the EMTF, the AMOG accelerates air-mobility operations by exercising three essential functions, the first of which is C2.
In fiscal year 2004, more than 800,000 short tons of war-fighter cargo and two million passengers passed through the gateway of EMTF ports and terminals.
The EMTF relies upon AMOG maintainers, among the most experienced in AMC, to produce three synergistic results.
These capabilities--C2, port, and aircraft maintenance--allow the war-fighting commander to plan with confidence, knowing that the fixed component of the EMTF will hold open the door for combat forces to arrive ready for decisive action.
Deployable teams extend the reach of both EMTF frontline forces and those based in the continental United States.
Of the eight CRGs in the Air Force, six reside in the EMTFs (three in each CRW of an EMTF), one in US Air Forces in Europe, and one in Pacific Air Forces.
Through the AMLO--the EMTF representative to first-response ground forces at the division level or higher--the task force puts "boots on the ground" to help ground commanders integrate air mobility into their expeditionary planning and execution.
The EMTF makes a heavy investment in the AMOS because that squadron devotes itself completely to supporting the war fighter at the operational level.
Under the new structure there is a cleaner reporting chain that puts the 18th AF in operational control of the Tanker Airlift Control Center (TACC), two EMTFs and their subordinate air mobility operations groups, 12 wings, three groups, and the global en route air mobility system.