EMTIEmergency Medical Technician Intermediate
EMTIEuropean Massage Therapy Institute (San Antonio, TX)
EMTIEmerging Market Technologies, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)
EMTIEnhanced Moving Target Indicator
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While there's no doubt that EMTI is related to poor fetal outcomes, the follow-up data on child development are only available until 5-6 years of age, so it's still unknown whether these developmental delays persist over the long term, said Victor Pop, a professor in the Department of Clinical Health Psychology at Tilburg University, Netherlands, whose landmark study on EMTI was published in the February 1999 issue of Clinical Endocrinology.
Delivered for installation in late October, the EMTI modification could be ready by Christmas.
According to Mark Haggerty, CEO of VWLC, "We are enthusiastic about the acquisition of EMTI as we believe this licensed technology is synergistic with VWLC's current STABILUX(TM) energy savings system.
and/or EMTs, EMTI s, AEMTs certified by the Georgia Department of Public Health.