EMTSEmerging Markets Telecommunications Services (telecom company, Nigeria)
EMTSEnvironmental Monitoring Testing Site
EMTSExposure Monitoring Test Site
EMTSEducational Media & Technologies Section (Medical Library Association)
eMTSElectronic Management Tracking System
EMTSElectrical, Mechanical, and Thermal Specification
EMTSEnvironmental Methods Testing Site (EPA)
EMTSEnhanced Maintenance Test Set
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For more than eighteen years, EMTS has been one of Chicago's top quality massage schools.
The EMTS went from screaming at her not to push until they were ready to screaming at her to push when they were ready.
During this time the two EMTS were trying to remember what APGAR stood for so they could assess the baby.
All of the EMTS and most of the nurses and Michele's family exclaimed, "What a traumatic experience.
However, these two different sets of EMTS apparently are not used to dealing with normal, natural birth.
EMTS are essential when complications arise in a birth that is happening too fast to make it to the hospital.
The CREATE program is designed to assist public and private EMTS across the state with a 50 percent cash match grant for continuing education and initial training, exclusive to emergency and trauma education.
A wide range of EMTS providers have applied for funding through the CREATE program," Mills adds.
In addition, program results indicate that 55 percent of EMTS providers funded by CREATE are volunteer providers, with over 90 percent of all grantees reporting that it would be difficult to meet education and training expectations and requirements if funding support through CREATE was not available.
The need and impact are clearly demonstrated and CDPHE is dedicated to supporting and improving the EMTS system in Colorado," added Eric Schmidt, EMTS Funding Section Manager at CDPHE.
CRHC in partnership with CDPHE plans to continue statewide outreach efforts, ensuring the EMTS community has the resources, training, and education, they need to support the health and wellbeing of Colorado residents.
EMTS helps their health care clients reduce costs in the areas of capital equipment acquisition, service contracts, and on-going equipment valuation needs.