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EMUEuropean Monetary Union
EMUEconomic and Monetary Union (Maastricht Treaty of 1992)
EMUEastern Michigan University
EMUEastern Mediterranean University (Turkey)
EMUEastern Mennonite University (Virginia)
EMUelectric multiple unit (railroad car setup)
EMUExtravehicular Mobility Unit
EMUEconomische en Monetaire Unie (Dutch)
EMUEntertainment Music Unit
EMUEkonomska in Monetarna Unija (Slovenian: Economic and Monetary Union; EU)
EMUEuropean Mineralogical Union
EMUEpilepsy Monitoring Unit
EMUErb Memorial Union (University of Oregon)
EMUElectromagnetic Unit(s)
EMUEAP Method Update
EMUEuropean Monetary Unit
EMUEnvironmental Monitoring Unit
EMUEmergency Management Unit
EMUElectrical Multiple Unit (electrically powered train)
EMUExtended Memory Unit
EMUEnhanced Mini-USB
EMUElectron Microscopy Unit
EMUEarly Morning Urine
EMUEmergency Medical Unit
EMUEngine Monitoring Unit
EMUElectronic Monitoring Unit
EMUElectronic Measuring Unit
EMUExtravehicular Maneuvering Unit
EMUExperimentelle Musik und Kunst Universitat Ulm (German: Experimental Music and Arts University of Ulm; Ulm, Germany)
EMUElectronic Music Umbrella
EMUEmergency Medicine Update
EMUEngineering Model Unit
EMUElectrical Motor Unit (train locomotive)
EMUEarly Morning Update
EMUEstimated Monthly Usage
EMUEvaluation, Mobility, Usability (Mobile Digital Commons Network)
EMUElectromotive Unit
EMUEnterprise User and Import Management Utility
EMUEnhanced Manpack UHF
EMUElectronics Maintenance Unit (US Coast Guard)
EMUElectron Mass Unit
EMUElectric and Mechanical Unit
EMUElectronic Mockup
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For all that, though, despite Australia's rich heritage in rare birds it is the emu that finds itself a cultural icon, appearing on the coat of arms and on several coins.
9), the EMU countries are separated into two groups based on the differences in short-term real interest rates in the late 1990s, i.
As the emus do not sit down to lay, their eggs have very hard shells so they do not break when they hit the ground.
In addition to emu chick starter, maintenance and breeder commercial feeds, emus will graze on chicory, clover, rape, timothy, alfalfa, rye and other grasses, greens and fruits.
In its first decade, the institutional deficiency of EMU was papered over by cheap credit.
However, Birdlife Australia said the suggested new route of the highway would bisect emu foraging and breeding areas and endanger the lives of the emus in Clarence Valley.
For the complete Emu Nickel NL announcement including table, please refer to the following link:
The emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) is a large flightless bird that is native to Australia and second only in size to the ostrich (Struthio camelus) of Africa (Hindwood, 1966; Serventy and Curry, 1985).
Students have held sit-in demonstrations, and faculty and other area residents have sent letters to the EMU protesting the decision to replace Holy Cow.
Close calls with beady-eyed security guards and scheming, money grabbing neighbours, Emu stays unflappable with sidekick and best friend Toby.
Emu returns for a 26-part series on children's channel CITV next month with Toby Hull - son of its creator, the late Rod Hull.
Finally on Friday, the emu was reunited with its owner Ruben Navarro 12 days after it was spotted by motorists on the Antelope Valley Freeway in Acton.