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No entanto, devido a alteracoes articulares degenerativas secundarias e a persistencia do sinal de gaveta cranial, a estabilizacao cirurgica e hoje o tratamento de escolha com resultados favoraveis emum retorno mais rapido afuncao do membro (HARASEN, 2005; SCHNABL et al., 2009; VOSS et al., 2009).
To supplement field collections, Orchelimum specimens were examined in the collections of the Snow Entomological Museum, University of Kansas (SEMK), the Museum of Entomology and Prairie Arthropod research, Kansas State University (MEKS), the Enns Entomological Museum, University of Missouri (EMUM) and the Florida State Collection of Arthropods, University of Florida at Gainesville (FSCA).
superbum, and no specimens were among the material at EMUM. Although katydid collecting does require some specialized technique, this oversight is surprising given the extensive surveys of tallgrass prairie habitats conducted at those institutions, a habitat type in which we found O.
Nas notas que ele redige sobre o texto Le Sacré, Georges Bataille arrisca-se emum comentário mais explicito de uma tal noção:
A test statistic for the supr emum of these values can be calculated, as can the statistic's critical values.
Finally, the word emum, though attested in Akkadian, would be unexpected.