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EMVElektromagnetische Verträglichkeit (German: Electromagnetic Compatibility)
EMVEuroPay, MasterCard, Visa (Smart debit cards)
EMVEftermiddagsverksamhet (Swedish)
EMVEuropay, Mastercard and Visa
EMVExpected Monetary Value
EMVEindhovense Modelbouwvereniging (Dutch: Eindhoven Modellers Society)
EMVEmporia-Greensville Regional (Airport; Virginia)
EMVEnhanced Mojave Viper (US Marine Corps)
EMVElectromagnetic Vulnerability
EMVEscape Medical Viewer
EMVEstimation of Missing Values (data matrix)
EMVEngineering and Medical Volunteer Services (Hong Kong)
EMVEnhanced Motion Vehicle (theme parks)
EMVElectron-Molecular Vibration
EMVEarly Music Vermont
EMVEscuela Mediterranea de Vela (Spanish)
EMVExtended Money Value
EMVEmergency Medical Vehicle
EMVEarly Music Vancouver
EMVElectronic Motorized Valve
EMVEnding Men's Violence
EMVEvaluation, Measurement & Verification (also seen as EM&V)
EMVElectric Motor Value
EMVEnvironmental Monitoring Variable
EMVElectric Motor Vehicle (transportation)
EMVEntomologie Médicale et Vétérinaire (French: Medical and Veterinary Entomology)
EMVEquateur Météorologique Vertical
EMVExtreme Minority Views
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Conversely, 70 percent of those who have become EMV complaint named added security as its top benefit.
Sean Curran, a director at the technology consulting firm West Monroe Partners, said some credit unions that scrapped EMV conversion may have done so because they believe it is less expensive to incur the fraud than to reissue cards.
The Monetra and UniTerm products also include support for Main Street's popular CardShield option, which enables use of encrypting card readers and terminals for high-security, "point-to-point encryption" (P2PE) applications, and extends the existing CardShield P2PE and tokenization functionality to include protection of EMV card data as well.
Monetra and UniTerm products also include support for Main Street's CardShield option, which enables the use of encrypting card readers and terminals for high-security, 'point-to-point encryption' (P2PE) applications, as well as extending the existing CardShield P2PE and tokenisation functionality to include protection of EMV card data, the company added.
According to a recent Aite Group study, however, one-third of small-to-mid-sized merchants are unaware of the migration to EMV chip technology.
The conversion to the EMV card, while not mandatory, is the right thing to do," says Mark Baumli, executive vice president for Wells Fargo Merchant Services.
EMV requires the generation and management of many more keys than magnetic stripe issuance, he said, and therefore, the chances of a compromise are significantly higher.
EMV conversion based on the networks' timeline and the actual adherence of merchants, financial institutions, payments service providers, and consumers to previous timelines in the U.
Eighty countries are in various stages of EMV chip migration, and according to EMVCo, approximately 1.
The United States of America is excluded from the figures as there are currently no EMV programmes deployed.
Gerard de Moura, 'Managing Director' at GALITT, commented: "As Canada becomes the latest in a long line of countries to move to the EMV standard, we believe that our joint offering will take the pain out of migration, helping to ensure maximum uptime for EMV compliant ATM networks.
Merchants using the new EMV terminals will benefit from additional chip functionality,as well as EMV's added security and protection as chip cards are rolled out locally and globally.