EMVIEuropean Malaria Vaccine Initiative (now European Vaccine Initiative)
EMVIÉcole de Musique Vincent d'Indy (Outrement, Quebec, Canada music school)
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If tumor deposits are seen, efforts to determine their origin may be justified in certain instances, for example when a tumor deposit is suspicious for EMVI in a cancer that is otherwise stage II.
Such high-risk features include poorly differentiated histology (excluding microsatellite-unstable cancers), lymphovascular invasion (considered by the US-based National Comprehensive Cancer Network to include lymphatic/vascular invasion and by the UK-based National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (107) to include only EMVI), PNI, localized perforation (T4), close/indeterminate or positive margins, bowel obstruction, and fewer than 12 lymph nodes examined.
The aim of the study was to assess the accuracy of the computerized tomographic (CT) scan as the only widely used staging modality for colonic cancer in the preoperative detection of regional lymph node metastases and EMVI because these factors may potentially help in the selection of patients suitable for neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Preoperative thoracic and abdominal CT scan reports were also obtained, and the radiological TNM staging and EMVI status were recorded.
Log-rank and multivariate Cox regression analyses were used to determine the hazard ratio of recurrence for patients with EMVI. In addition, a T4 tumour, lymph node yield, and poor histological differentiation were analyzed with respect to recurrence.
In the remaining 184 patients, 10 (5.4%) cases of EMVI and 3 (1.6%) cases of IMVI were observed.
CTCs are not only used as a prognostic factor, but also as a predictive biomarker in colorectal cancer and there exists a directly proportional relationship with EMVI (17).
It is difficult to evaluate the EMVI status on these images, and we have less experience in evaluating mr-EMVI after neoadjuvant chemoradiation.
The most dramatic increases in completeness were demonstrated for TNM stage, LVI, EMVI, PNI, and regional deposits (all P < .001).