EMWDEastern Municipal Water District
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EMWD supplements this with information taken from the official land use plans produced by the municipal governments within EMWD's service boundaries and, to a lesser extent, land use plans produced by the overlapping county government (Riverside County).
Population estimates are made for each of the municipal areas within EMWD's service boundaries.
For example, the Water Supply Planning Department might be prone to overestimating demand, which might lead EMWD to acquire more water supply capacity than it really needs.
EMWD's capital investment needs are a function of water supply and demand.
If the location of the demand is not estimated correctly across the system, then EMWD might build too much infrastructure and/or put it in the wrong location.
The model is used to assess whether EMWD's water system will meet its performance criteria.
The strategic plan forms the basis for an analysis of EMWD's supply and storage capacity, and it documents the results of the analysis.
EMWD selects its capital investments based on the current system's ability to meet projected demand.
EMWD observes a few principles to arrive at the most cost-effective solutions:
Parsons executed these projects on an accelerated schedule so EMWD could receive California Solar Initiative incentives, said Michael Walsh, Parsons Group President.
This suite of solar projects constitutes a significant portion of EMWDs renewable energy portfolio.
This suite of solar projects will offset traditional energy use at the water reclamation facilities and will constitute a significant portion of EMWDs renewable energy portfolio.