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EMWINEmergency Managers Weather Information Network (NOAA/NWS/FEMA)
EMWINElectromagnetic Window
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emWin's capability to adapt to any display perfectly complements the flexibility of simple LCD controllers.
With emWin widely considered the industry standard GUI development system, Epson is delighted for the support provided for Epson simple LCD controllers within the standard emWin package.
The radio broadcast ingest method requires that an EMWIN re-transmitter, which is operated and maintained by local governments or amateur ham radio clubs, be located in your area.
SCSC management decided to use the radio broadcast method since there is a local EMWIN re-transmitter.
Figure 1 illustrates the Surface Combat Systems Center EMWIN system.
Software is included to compute the DIP switch settings for your local EMWIN re-transmitter frequency.
SCSC uses Weather Message 2.2 EMWIN software, which is Navy Marine Corps Intranet and Department of the Navy Applications and Database Management System approved (DADMS No.
The only routine maintenance required for EMWIN is adding and removing personnel from the e-mail list.
EMWIN applications support filtering to eliminate "alert fatigue" and direct content to responders.