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Breeding the six-footed tortoise Geochelone emys at Wassenaar Zoo.
Observations on the reproductive biology of the land tortoises Geochelone emys and Geochelone yniphora in the Honolulu Zoo.
The hope is that expressive robots like Emys would be able to become part of some people's lives in a way that currently only other humans or possibly pets can.
Presently, the modern species Emydoidea blandingii is the subject of much discussion, as some would combine this taxon with the Old World genus Emys (see Parham & Feldman 2002).
The status of Emys twentei Taylor (Reptilia: Testudinidae) based on new fossil records from Kansas and Oklahoma.
The second of Richard's plates, Emys nigra, accompanied Edward Hallowell's i859 "Report Upon Reptiles of the Route.
Another specimen of Emys nigra was also apparently collected from San Francisco; Elmer Charles Herber, Correspondence Between Spencer Fullerton Baird and Louis Agassiz--Two Pioneer American Naturalists (Washington, DC: The Smithsonian Institution, 1963), 131.
The Malaysian giant tortoise and the Asian brown tortoise Manouria emys are the only species present in DSNP that are listed as protected.
Species Common Local name English name Testundinidae Manouria emys (d) Asian brown Baning tortoise Bataguridae Siebenrockiella crassicollis Black marsh Kura-kura turtle jaung Cuora amboinensis Asian box Kura-kura turtle tambit Cyclemsys dentata Asian leaf/stream Kura-kura turtle air Heosemsys spinosa Spiny turtle Kura-kura umung Malayemsys subtrijuga Ricefield/Snail eating turtle Orlitia borneensis Malaysian Giant Biuku turtle Pyxidea mouhottii Keeled box turtle Trionychidae Amyda Asian Labi-labi cartilagenea softshelled sungai turtle Dogania Malayan Labi-labi subplana softshelled hitam turtle Pelochelys Asian giant Labi-labi bibroni softshelled kuning turtle Species IUCN RDBk (a) Testundinidae Manouria emys (d) VU A1acd, B1+2acd CITES App.
Wetland restoration or creation to help the presence of amphibious and reptile species protected at the community level, such as Bombina variegata, Triturus carnifex, Rana latastei, Emys orbicularis and other species; Preservation of Austropotamobius pallipes from Procambarus clarkii invasion and species habitat improvement; Conservation of calcareous rocky slopes with chasmophytic vegetation and rocky calcareous or basophil grasslands of the Alysso-Sedion albi from degradation caused by rock climbing;
These are: Emys orbicularis, Mauremys leprosa, Barbus meridionalis and Unio elongatulus.
The introduction of more than 6 000 larvae and young Emys orbicularis, Triturus carnifex, Bombina variegata, and Testudo hermanni;