ENAAEngineering Advancement Association of Japan (est. 1978)
ENAAEpithermal Neutron Activation Analysis
ENAAElectrodiagnostic Neurophysiological Automated Analysis (medical telecommunications and teleconsultation)
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(35) *Sen jalkeen mummu ei enaa kavel-la ei(-ka) that after granny not.3SG anymore walk-INF not.3SG(-NOR) kontysta-nyt IdPh- PAST.PARTICIPLE Intended: 'After that, the granny did not walk nor trudge anymore' With verbs that express separate events and do not form a SVC, one may have more than one negator:
(36) Sen jalkeen mummu ei enaa kavel-lyt that after granny not.3SG anymore walk-PAST.PARTICIPLE ei-ka kontysta-nyt not.3SG-NOR IdPh-PAST.PARTICIPLE 'After that, the granny did not walk nor trudge anymore' Neither an intervening coordinating nor subordinating conjunction is allowed in SVC.
Por otro lado, a pesar de que la Guia PMBOK[R] considera un "control integrado de cambios", que permite pequenos ajustes en el alcance, la esencia reflejada por este grupo de procesos no es la de un avance progresivo y de adaptacion (como si lo hace por ejemplo el P2M (ENAA, 2005)), sino de una clara busqueda por el maximo nivel de precision anticipada.
Mangas Martin, A.: "La aplicacion del Derecho comunitario por las Comunidades Autonomas", enAA.WRelaciones internacionales y CC.AA., Barcelona, Institui d'Estudis Autonomies, 1990, pp.
in FIDIC (edition IV) and in ENAA conditions (ENAA Model form
FIDIC and ENAA general conditions of contract were characterized as
Further, it said, "We believe the project has been thoroughly reviewed and found to be safe." The ENAA would "not support the development of our land," it said, if the mining project had been shown to be harmful to the public health or environment.
and the Engineering Advancement Association of Japan (ENAA) with research for the Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry (METI) on methods of environmental impact assessment (EIA) and risk assessment for oil and gas development projects in deep water.
A delegation from JANUS and ENAA is in Aberdeen from 14 September to 18 September meeting with operators, consultancies and DECC, the 3 delegates from ENAA are Mr Satoshi Kubo Deputy General Manager, Ms Mizuki Kitagawa Researcher and Mr Shigeru Nakajima - Researcher.