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ENABLEEnergetic Neutral Atom Beam Lithography/Epitaxy
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"Our instruments," he said, "are now so perfect and powerful, as to enable us to ascertain many facts of the deepest interest, with near approaches to positive accuracy.
Still, I shall pass them over, merely remarking that a bountiful nature has made such provision for the happiness of all created things as enables each to rejoice in its existence, and to praise, after its fashion and kind, the divine Being to which it owes its creation.
Our sense of touch, stimulated by necessity, and developed by long training, enables us to distinguish angles far more accurately than your sense of sight, when unaided by a rule or measure of angles.
It has been suggested that an assignment of the public securities of one State to the citizens of another, would enable them to prosecute that State in the federal courts for the amount of those securities; a suggestion which the following considerations prove to be without foundation.
This will enable the government to modify it in such a manner as will best answer the ends of public justice and security.
But the expressions of the Constitution are, to constitute "tribunals INFERIOR TO THE SUPREME COURT"; and the evident design of the provision is to enable the institution of local courts, subordinate to the Supreme, either in States or larger districts.
He has served as CEO of OGE Energy since 2007 and as CEO of OGE Energy's natural gas midstream business that was contributed to Enable Midstream.
For example, architecture products enable both customers and developers to understand which systems support which applications, whether that support is redundant or insufficient, and the stakeholders involved.
Online corporate training approaches are being used by large organizations to enable easier and less costly additions to classroom-based training programs, while online training portals are growing rapidly, serving many mid-size and smaller organizations with cost-effective and convenient solutions.
An in-house dementia life-enrichment program would enable us to extend residents' ability to live in our community.
Reactivity's dedicated appliances process and secure XML and SOAP messages to improve network and application throughput, and enable an organization's existing operations staff to operate and maintain clusters of appliances across geographically distributed data centers for maximum operational scalability.
Tokyo, Japan, Oct 3, 2005 - (JCN Newswire) - NEC Corporation today announced that it has developed a mobile phone document viewer, which enables quick, high-quality display of e-mail attachments, even those comprised of rich media contents such as images and charts, on a user's mobile phone.