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ENACTEnvironmental Nutrition and Activity Community Tool (web resource)
ENACTEuropean Network Against Child Trafficking (EU)
ENACTEffective National Action to Control Tobacco
ENACTEuropean Network for Acute Coronary Treatment (cardiology)
ENACTEnvironmental Neighborhood Awareness Committee of Tiverton (Tiverton, RI)
ENACTEnglish Advisory Committee on Telecommunications
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In an oligarchy they should either call up some of the common people to the council, or else establish a court, as is done in some other states, whom they call pre-advisers or guardians of the laws, whose business should be to propose first what they should afterwards enact.
They are very obliging, I'm sure," said Rose, whereat the "utility men" beamed with modest pride and resolved to enact Wallace and Montrose as soon as possible for their cousin's special benefit.
In one corner stood the diminutive pair of top-boots in which Miss Snevellicci was accustomed to enact the little jockey, and, folded on a chair hard by, was a small parcel, which bore a very suspicious resemblance to the companion smalls.
Law involves submission to regulations; man is naturally opposed to rules and regulations of all kinds, especially if they interfere with his interests; so is it likely that the masses will enact laws that are contrary to their own inclinations?
The company has not revealed the financial details of the acquisition, which will see enACT s management team expand, with King serving as chief financial officer while Hamilton will lead as chief commercial officer and executive vice president for sales and business development.
In a statement to the press on Wednesday, May 25, in response to statement by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a press conference held on Tuesday stating that Parliament has no right to initiate law enacting; the statement said, The most important task of Parliament is to enact laws as stipulated in Article 61 of the Constitution being Parliament's prime task that can not be divided into a start and end; therefore, the media quoting Prime Minister Maliki that Parliament has no right to initiate legislations is misinterpretation and putting limits to what the Constitution stipulates of being general.
Further, how the man feels he should enact those roles makes up his behavioral standard as a father.
Kelo gives states a green light to enact laws like the one in Connecticut which, if consistent with the respective state's constitution, allow the taking of private property for redevelopment, even where no blight or similar finding has been made.
Eleven of 15 states must still enact a law enabling police to make cross-border requests to intercept communications and monitor bank accounts.
These are extremely exciting times for Enact operating, as it does, in a market with tremendous growth potential.
The policies being enacted today, like the Patriot Act, are the detritus of what they failed to enact yesterday, opportunistically passed in a moment of crisis.
But, unfortunately, joint efforts of the AICPA/NASBA National Steering Committee on Regulation of the Profession to introduce the concept of substantial equivalency and enact it into state law have been met with skeptical resistance.