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I know a woman who will enact the personage we stand in need of, with the lieutenant-governor of the conciergerie.
We will enact it," remarked the king, drawing himself up, and lowering his eyelids.
Now it is the proper business of the public assembly to determine concerning war and peace, making or breaking off alliances, to enact laws, to sentence to death, banishment, or confiscation of goods, and to call the magistrates to account for their behaviour when in office.
In an oligarchy they should either call up some of the common people to the council, or else establish a court, as is done in some other states, whom they call pre-advisers or guardians of the laws, whose business should be to propose first what they should afterwards enact.
Hence it is critical that PISGA have independent legislative authority and powers to enact laws.
Everyone knows that the state is having difficulty balancing its budget, but these legislators took an oath to uphold the laws of this state - they will violate their oaths if they enact an income tax.