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ENAHEuropean Network of AIDS Helplines (Paris, France)
ENAHEnabled Homolog of Drosophila
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Based on gene expression direction of 14 genes, namely CCR2, CXCL6, DACT2, ELF5, ENAH, ESR1, FLT1, LIN28B, NCAM1, NOX4, SERPINA1, TLE1, TLR7, XRCC5, it can be concluded that Rhodiola may have beneficial effect in cancer, that is in line with growing body of evidence about antitumor activity of Rhodiola and salidroside [Cai et al.
Refurbishment and commissioning of the Hotel School "Luxemburgo Casa" and "decentralized classes" will complement the work of ENAH with the provision of infrastructure at the national level also responding to the needs of regions .