ENAPÉcole Nationale d'Administration Publique (Université du Québec)
ENAPEscola Nacional de Administração Pública (Portuguese: National School of Public Administration; Brazil)
ENAPEmpresa Nacional del Petróleo (National Petroleum Company, Chile)
ENAPExcisional New Attachment Procedure (periodontal)
ENAPEnergetic Neutral Atom Precipitation
ENAPExamination, Normal findings, Abnormal findings, Pathophysiology (medical)
ENAPEveryone Needs a Profit (non-profit building and lumber materials co-op)
ENAPEscuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas (Spanish: National School of Fine Arts; Mexico)
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ENAP ('A/AAA(cl)'; Outlook Stable): The earthquake halted operations in two of ENAP's refineries, BioBio and Aconcagua, which represent 93% of its refining capacity.
Under this deal, ENAP will be retaining a 51% share in the project, which is expected to be rolled out in phases depending upon the success of each stage.
However, taking into account that the company's financial profile may be negatively affected by its shareholders' interest in ensuring local demand, on a stand-alone-basis ENAP would be internationally rated below the Republic of Chile.
Especificamente, la ENAP tuvo muchos problemas por "una actitud reactiva, hipercritica, muy politizada" que hizo dificil su desarrollo y su enlace universitario.
Si la ENAP es una escuela universitaria con equipamiento academico y legal para otorgar titulos de posgrado, lo menos que puede exigirsele, a la hora de presentar en publico los resultados obtenidos por un grupo de becarios extranjeros, es que estos hayan aprendido a nombrar correctamente las tecnicas empleadas.
ENAP has proven access to bank and capital markets financing, as demonstrated by the issuance of an approximately USD340 million equivalent bond in January 2009, in the local market.
The ratings also reflect the very strong incentives the Chilean government has to support ENAP in the event of financial distress given the company's strategic importance to the country as it provides a significant portion of the country's energy supply and owns 100% of total refining capacity in Chile.
More recently, he directed the publication of a major book, Management Public (PUQ 1992), in which nearly two dozen of his colleagues from ENAP contributed.
We have found that this simple, noninvasive check of oxygen levels in newborns is among the most effective health measures that can be deployed to reduce newborn mortality," said Annamarie Srinen, co-founder and CEO of the Newborn Foundation, who is scheduled to speak Monday at the ENAP Partner's Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa.
GNL Quintero's shareholders include ENAP (20 per cent), ENDESA Chile (20 per cent), Metrogas (20 per cent), and the Terminal de Valparaiso (Enagas and Oman Oil Company) (40 per cent).
GNL Quintero's shareholders are ENAP (20%), ENDESA Chile (20%), Metrogas (20%), and the Terminal de ValparaE[degrees]so (EnagEis and Oman Oil Company) (40%).