ENAREuropean Network Against Racism
ENAREastern North American Region
ENAREffect, Node, Action, Resource (security)
ENARExtended Narrowing and Resolution (calculus)
ENAREastern North Atlantic Region (International Biometric Society)
ENARElection Network in the Arab Region
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ENAR Shadow Report 2013-2014, Programme of the European Union/Open Society Foundations/ENAR Foundation, Belgica, 2014; European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Rights Report 2016, Publications Office of the European Union, Austria, 2016.
Design and setting: An Australian post-market, web-based survey of ENAR therapy users.
The ENAR published the report a day ahead of the International Day Against Racism to raise awareness.
ENAR also requests that the municipality takes effective measures against the phenomenon of racism," the statement says.
Vitiello AL, Bonello R, Pollard H (2007) The effectiveness of ENAR for the treatment of chronic neck pain in Australian adults: a preliminary single-blind, randomised controlled trial.
The ENAR publishes weekly reports in English and other languages and provides access to scholarly fact sheets such as the June 2009 Report on Ethnic Profiling, the February 2009 Report on European Law and Equality that grew out of the 1957 Treaty of Rome, the 2000 Charter of Human Rights, and the 2007 Report Against Religious
Al-Hassani for Forum of Muslim Youth and Student organizations (2005) ENAR Shadow Report 2005 Retrieved on October 20, 2006 from http://www.
That includes companies like Chile's ENAR Colombia's Ecopetrol and Brazil's Petrobras.
and board member of ENAR (the European Network Against Racism), which
Since the tank lorry was found not to have CIE licence; therefore, it is regarded as non-complaint with the rules, and as per the ENAR Petrotech report, the tank lorry had four Axle; therefore, the tank lorry was not compliant with the NHSO-2000.
UK leaders must strongly respond to and publicly condemn these incidents, as well as prevent a further rise in hate crimes," said ENAR in a statement.
Watchdog ENAR Ireland said the latest figures from iReport.