ENARDElectricity Networks Analysis, Research and Development (conference)
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Enard brilliantly captures the quandary in which Michelangelo became embroiled as he struggles to design the bridge.
Enard conjures very well the exquisite torture of having nowhere to hide from your failings in insomnia, of having to sit with those agitated, uncertain, spiritually naked thoughts for as long as it takes for them to leach away.
Natale-Pereira, A., Enard, K.R., Nevarez, L., & Jones, L.A.
"Some of the Neanderthals had adaptive mutations that gave them advantages against these pathogens, and they were able to pass some of these mutations on to modern humans," explains Enard, who completed the work while he was a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University.
Precisamente, en el ano 2017, en el marco de la reforma tributaria impulsada por el Ministerio de Hacienda de la Nacion, se busco suprimir el impuesto a la telefonia celular por el cual se financiaba el ENARD. Esto llevo a que las autoridades del Comite Olimpico Argentino y deportistas realizaran campanas de protesta principalmente en medios periodisticos y en las redes sociales, ocasionando que dicho ministerio incluyera fondos en el presupuesto nacional para el ENARD.
The kinesin superfamily protein KIF5 in particular is able to transport various cargoes involving membranous organelles, cytoskeletal proteins, and mRNAs (Khaitovich, Weiss, Lachmann, Hellmann, Enard, Muetzel, Wirkner, Ansorge, Paabo, 2004).
The Prix Goncourt, as much as it deals with French literature in a serious and selective manner--at least in the case of Enard's novel Compass --remains a political ovation par excellence.
Enard's novel describes how an insomniac Austrian musicologist called Frantz Ritter takes to his sickbed in Vienna, with an unspecified illness, where spends his days and sleepless nights musing on issues including his unrequited love for a Frenchwoman and the relationship between Europe and the Middle East.
The authors then claimed that "Individuals with disruption of FOXP2 have multiple difficulties with both expressive and receptive aspects of language and grammar ..." (Enard et al.
Enard, "FOXP2 and the role of cortico-basal ganglia circuits in speech and language evolution," Current Opinion in Neurobiology, vol.
ABOVE: Suilven, Cul Mor, Stac Pollaidh, Enard Bay, Coigach.