ENASEast North American Strafe (gaming)
ENASEuropean Network of Academic Sport Services (Germany)
ENASEnhanced Name and Address Service (Accudata Technologies)
ENASEuropean Network for Application Security (software; Deny All)
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NEARLY three weeks had elapsed since the second visit of Marnoo, and it must have been more than four months since I entered the valley, when one day about noon, and whilst everything was in profound silence, Mow-Mow, the one-eyed chief, suddenly appeared at the door, and leaning towards me as I lay directly facing him, said in a low tone, 'Toby pemi ena' (Toby has arrived here).
Speaking through a translator, Enas, who was deeply saddened by her husband's demise, said she had enrolled for a PhD programme with Universiti Malaya's Education Faculty, and would continue her studies online.
They are referred as silicone and PCL electrospun nanofiber-anchored silicone (ENAS) disc.
In a frank interview with TV talk show "Al Motawahisha," Enas was asked for her opinion on the even more controversial and provocative dancer Sama el Masry.
He has not paid maintenance or child support since 2012 and a family court judge ordered last July that the PS560,000 family assets should all go to Enas.
As solar wind ENAs leave the solar system, the majority move out in various directions, never to re-enter.
Enas teaches sculpting at the Air Force Bal Bharti School and also trains students at the Delhi College of Arts.
"Enas received very positive feedback on her participation in the project, from the programme co-ordinators," said Batelco corporate affairs general manager Ahmed Al Janahi.
We performed a prospective study to evaluate whether and to what extent IIF performed with SSA-transfected HEp-2000[TM] cells (hninunoconcepts) failed to detect antibodies to ENAs. Most samples (>95%) were referred for ANA testing by in-house specialists (University Hospital, Leuven, Belgium) in general internal medicine (18.6%), rheumatology (17.2%), gastroenterology (6%), hepatology (5.5%), pneumology (4.6%), allergy (4.5%), neurology (4.3%), and nephrology (4%).
While Muslims are required to abstain from food, water and other habits from dawn to sunset, Enas claimed that fasting is "an old Pharaonic tradition, has nothing to do with religion and Islam came just to acknowledge that."
As for marriage, it's only a "piece of paper," according to Enas, who thinks that 65% of today's generation agrees with her.