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ENASAEmpresa Nacional de Autocamiones Sa (vehicle manufacturer in Spain)
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For the continuous variant of X = [[0, T].sup.2] [subset] [R.sup.2] the eASA, eSASA, and eNASA of any edge of any finite tour are closed (as the continuous preimages of closed sets).
Edificios 150.000 130.000 Otros activos no corrientes 50.000 50.000 Activos corrientes 230.000 230.000 TOTAL ACTIVO 710.000 770.000 Patrimonio neto 420.000 495.000 Pasivos no corrientes 195.000 180.000 Pasivos corrientes 30.000 20.000 TOTAL PASIVO 740.000 770.000 Los activos y pasivos de la sociedad ENASA se incorporan al balance de la sociedad GAMESA por sus valores razonables.
(51) PALOMERO, Dora: Los trabajadores de ENASA durante el franquismo, Barcelona, Sirius, 1996.
Summarizing this point, we can conclude that some cases of privatization of Spanish state-owned PEs could be related to the objective of releasing the state from the responsibility of providing capital for new investments (as in Seat and Enasa and, of course, other PEs of much less importance as shown in Table 2).
4, the Department of Commerce determined preliminary dumping margins of 64.02 percent for Cinsa and 124.69 percent for ENASA, following an administrative review of an anti- dumping order on porcelain-on-steel cookware from Mexico for the period of Dec.