ENASARCOEnte Nazionale Assistenza Agenti e Rappresentanti di Commercio (Italy)
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cumulative insurance policy in favor of commercial agents registered to Enasarco Foundation, to hedge the risk of injury and illness, with the possibility of a voluntary extension of the family unit.
Object of the contract consists of the construction and management of a contact center for the provision of information and services to users of the Foundation Enasarco. The service must be carried out according to the rules given in the Special Contract.
Service covering the supplemental health care plan for the Foundation staff Enasarco, for about 430 units (Director General, n.
This procurement is subject to the advisory service and professional activities necessary to the regularization of some buildings owned, located in Rome, the Foundation Enasarco.
Subject of the contract is primarily the security service armed picketing fixed, emergency response, surveillance and tele extra services of the offices of the Foundation of Rome Enasarco.