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EnBEarth and Beyond (game)
ENBEnglish National Ballet
ENBEnglish National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting
ENBEthylidene Norbornene
ENBEarth Negotiation Bulletin
ENBEngineering Notebook
ENBExplosives Notified Body (UK)
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In June 2008, ENB signed a consent order with its primary regulators, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), regarding corrective action needed to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering Policies.
If ENB votes to exercise its option to acquire GCC (GCC's only asset is EP 447) it will shell out $820,000 to Greenpower for 100% of the issued capital of GCC.
With no home theater of its own, ENB has to guarantee the number of tickets sold.
Some of these polymers contain ENB as a cure site, while others contain 1,4, hexadiene (HD) as a cure site.
Also there's Fokine's Polovtsian Dances, which I danced with ENB many years ago so I am looking forward to doing it again.
She was invited by Galina Samsova to guest with Scottish Ballet and then received an invitation from Deane in London to join ENB.
Meanwhile, at the end of the ENB season, Volochkova was planning to stay on in London for a few weeks to give two solo concerts--one at the Russian Embassy, before a small gathering for the new ambassador; the other, an invitation-only concert at the new Linbury Theatre in the Royal Opera House, where she would dance, among other pieces, Homage to Princess Diana, created for her by former Stuttgart Ballet artistic director Alexander Ursuliak shortly after Diana's death.
The French-born dancer had come to Boston from ENB in 1990.
ENB is a public-private-community partnership that was launched in 2001 by the MONB to help low-income immigrants learn English.
In 1995 when Picone was a soloist with English National Ballet in London, Susan Jaffe, a frequent guest with ENB, was urging him to leave for America.
ENB was one of the six charitable organizations Diana maintained when she withdrew from most of her public commitments following her divorce in 1996; CBL was one of the first organizations of which she became a patron after her 1981 marriage to Prince Charles.
ENB Insurance Agency Acquires Ulrich & Company, Inc.