ENBCEinstein/Noah Bagel Corporation (Golden, CO)
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EOD and ENBC personnel are vital to a mission where finding WMD, their highly toxic components or delivery devices, is the primary objective.
David Mayer of Battalion Landing Team 11, ENBC team.
The effect of uniaxial strain on the gas transmission of ENBC AD2000 is shown in figure 7.
Examples of ENBCs formulated to withstand high strain even at 0% RH are AD2000 and AD5000, as shown in table 1 and figures 7b and 8.
In the balance-sheet in Exhibit 1, the current portion of the ENBC loan ($6 million) is included in current liabilities, and the remainder appears in long-term debt.
According to ENBC's most recent Annual Report, from 1992 to 1994 ENBC entered into various joint development agreements with large, well-known energy corporations to further develop this desulfurization process.
We intend to apply these capabilities to other projects in the ENBC pipeline and to other opportunities as we identify them.
ENBC trades on the Nasdaq Small Cap Market under the ticker symbol ENBX.
Summit Group, a Lawson Global Alliance Integrated Network(TM) (GAIN) business partner, will provide implementation and consulting services for ENBC.
In addition, ENBC's Board of Directors has recommended that ENBC gain a majority interest in its area developers.
As the number one retailer of bagels, ENBC will sell about 300 million bagels this year or almost 6 million each week.