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In OD, the small-BSs are allocated a part of subcarriers orthogonal to the set of subcarriers been allocated to eNB. In PSD, eNB is allocated some subcarriers for its dedicated use, and some other subcarriers can be shared by eNB and the pico-BSs.
The X2 interface protocol supports UE mobility by creating a GTP tunnel between eNBs.
The LTE Radio Resource Management (RRM) block located at the base station, called the evolved NodeB (eNB), performs some tasks such as Call Admission Control and Packet Scheduling (PS), which are responsible for accepting a certain number of users to guarantee the required QoS and for distributing radio resources among user equipment (UEs), respectively.
However, the scheme in [18] incurs the authentication traffic between BSs, which is not fit in with the LTE-A networks due to the lack of direct interface between the eNBs and the HeNBs in the intra-MME handover and inter-MME handover processes.
(iii) Number of eNBs [1,2,4, 8,16,32]: number of antennas available in the scenario; there is always a balanced distribution of UE connected to antennas (e.g., eNB = 32, UE = 256), meaning that 8 UEs connect to each of the available antennas.
When eNB connects with client UE1 and client UE2, AP connects with client STA1 only.
In HetNet, the coexistence of macro- and small cells has the potential to reduce the energy consumption by shortening the distance between the user equipments (UEs) and eNodeBs (eNBs) [2].
The CGW is a proprietary node that permits the aggregation of several eNBs and WiFi hotspots.
Alcatel-Lucent will deploy a complete end-to-end TDD LTE solution consisting of eNBs, wireless backhaul and the Evolved Packet Core (EPC).
According to the Paris-based firm, YooMee has targeted deploying TDD LTE in its new markets within the next six months, and build out in average 35 to 50 sites per capital city before deploying in remaining cities of the countries it operates in.EeEe Alcatel-Lucent said it would deploy a complete end-to-end TDD LTE solution consisting of eNBs, Wireless Backhaul and the Evolved Packet Core (EPC), in addition to providing professional services such as network planning, pre-launch optimisation, network integration, and start-up assistance services to accompany YooMee with its commercial rollout.
By applying NEC's SON technologies, NEC's small cell eNBs can independently recognise the distribution and movement of users automatically and tune dynamically various parameters to optimise its coverage and improve the cell-edge performance.