ENC1Ectodermal-Neural Cortex 1
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Only those with both ENC1s clearly visible were used (about 10% of stage E25 embryos).
To test the role of ENC1s in regulating embryonic rotation, stage E25 embryos with ENG1s ablated were transplanted into new egg capsules and embryonic rotation was monitored the following day with a CCD video camera (JVC, TK860U) mounted on a dissecting microscope (Zeiss, StemiSR) Rotation was recorded at 2.5 fields/s with a time-lapse videocassette recorder (VCR; Panasonic, AG-6720) and replayed at 60 fields/s to facilitate quantification.
For example, the loss of rotational surges after laser ablation of both ENC1s confirms that these cells function as cilioexcitatory motor neurons (Kuang and Goldberg, 2001).