ENCCÉcole Nationale de Cirque de Châtellerault (French: National Circus School of Châtellerault; Châtellerault, France)
ENCCÉcole Nationale de la Concurrence et de la Consommation (French: National School Competition and Consumer Affairs)
ENCCEntreprise Nationale de Charpente et de Chaudronnerie (French: National Company of Carpentry and Boilermaking; Algeria)
ENCCEuropean Network of Cultural Centres
ENCCExceptional Needs Care Coordinator
ENCCEritrean National Chamber of Commerce (est. 1921; Eritrea)
ENCCEmergency Nursing Core Curriculum (textbook)
ENCCEstonian Nanotechnology Competence Center (Estonia)
ENCCElectric Neon Clock Company
ENCCEnteric Neural Crest Cell (physiology)
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The Emirati-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (ENCC) has been formed to promote bilateral trade and investment by providing companies from both countries access to relevant information, influential networks and lobbying opportunities.
To make it possible for members of the ENCC to attain leading positions within the NCNC, the Catholic authorities, especially in the Onitsha district, had to relax their strict rule on native titles, especially the ozo title.
Un protocole d'accord a ete signe mercredi, entre l'entreprise nationale de charpente et de chaudronnerie (ENCC) et l'entreprise americaine Oil Well Varco en marge du forum d'affaire algero-americain a Alger.
All participating plans were required to enroll SSI beneficiaries, and Oregon added three mechanisms to the program to facilitate the transition: (1) communication reinforcing the fact that comorbidities under the State's priority-based benefit package were covered even if the condition would not be treated otherwise because it was "below the line" and thus excluded from the benefit package; (2) a requirement that each plan hire and train at least one exceptional needs care coordinator (ENCC) to assist SSI beneficiaries in navigating the system, and (3) an ombudsman's office to serve as a client advocate.
To increase the quality and number of employable graduates that can help propel Egypt's economy forward, USAID's WISE project is partnering with the Egyptian National Competiveness Council (ENCC) to establish a mechanism to encourage dialogue between public and private sector stakeholders at the national level to address the major problems in the labour market and recommend reforms that can improve labour market efficiency.
La societe Chaudral est une entreprise publique economique, filiale a 100% du Groupe ENCC (Entreprise nationale de charpente et de chaudronnerie).
At the Egyptian National Competitiveness Council (ENCC), Qabil said the SMEs account represents about 8% of the total GDP in Egypt, which the state is working to increase.