ENCEEnCase Certification
ENCEEuropean Network of Consumer Educators
ENCEEnclavamiento Electrónico (Spanish Railways Control)
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Para ENCE, las edades estan comprendidas entre 23 y 68 anos (M= 32,58 y DT= 8,47.
Ambas categorias de consumidores se distribuyen de forma similar segun lo observado en la tabla 1, los ECE se encuentran mas concentrados en el primer rango (20 a 29 anos), superando a los ENCE por mas de 17 puntos porcentuales.
En el caso de los ECE puede observarse que el mayor porcentaje se concentra en los niveles 6 y 7 (61,5%), mientras que los ENCE se ubican en los niveles 5 y 6 (60,0%); lo que parece indicar que los ECE tienen un poder adquisitivo ligeramente mayor que los ENCE.
Por su parte, ENCE a traves de su filial Eufores--tiene plantadas 40,000 hectareas en el pais.
La planta de celulosa sera la etapa final de un plan que ENCE inicio en 1990.
The companies in the BRIC region are now looking into various purchasing options, with advanced ENCE as the application platform of future network-based services.
The customizable application or computing platforms including the multiple business functions give an impetus to the ENCE market in BRIC.
Such adoption increases the demand for advanced ENCE, such as switches, routers, etc.
The modernization of the networks by replacing obsolete equipment is driving the ENCE.
Turpin, 28 of Swan Court, Swan Lane, Lock-ourt, Lock wood, admitted two o ences of breaching the restraining order and was given a 24-month community order with an alcohol treatment programme for six months and a 50-day activity requirement.
He was sentenced to eight months behind bars on March 6 this year for burglary, but the judge at that time was not aware of the Linthwaite o ence or the 64 other o ences which White asked to be taken into consideration, including more than 30 of burglary.
e 64 o ences taken into consideration involved a total of PS63,209 and included 35 of burglary at properties in the Hudderseld area including Deighton and Linthwaite.