ENCEEnCase Certification
ENCEEuropean Network of Consumer Educators
ENCEEnclavamiento Electrónico (Spanish Railways Control)
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References in classic literature ?
My men had orders to strike across country, avoiding roads, and establishing connection with any considerable towns whose lights betrayed their pres- ence, and leaving experts in charge.
And the same with a king's son; it don't make no differ- ence whether he's a natural one or an unnatural one."
There was a consciousness always of the pres- ence of his comrades about him.
I opened it with the sensation of dealing with mere dream- stuff, and then at the last moment the fellowship of seamen asserted itself, stronger than the differ- ence of age and station.
Captain Giles explained in a conciliating tone that it had been only a friendly remark in refer- ence to my abrupt leaving the ship for no apparent reason.
What does its pres- ence imply but the absence of all fear of God, all regard for man, on the part of the people of the United States?
Into the old man's mind had come the notion that now he could bring from God a word or a sign out of the sky, that the pres- ence of the boy and man on their knees in some lonely spot in the forest would make the miracle he had been waiting for almost inevitable.
I don't know what, considering my pres ence in the place, they all hoped would come of it.
Both THE TIMES and the DAILY TELEGRAPH, for instance, insisted on it the next morning, and both overlooked, just as I did, two obvious modifying influ- ences.
Mr Prescott added: ``We deeply regret that Frenc h intr ansig ence and Iraqi non-compliance have left us with no bring discussions on resolution to an end.
JCDecaux's new comprehensive advertising offer will be based upon a data-driven ecosystem, enabling cli- ents to take full advantage of the unprecedented power of DXB's audi- ence. This shift to digital out-of-home (DOOH) with the ability to identify and target specific audiences will facilitate engaging, rich-media cam- paigns that reach sophisticated and discerning travellers.