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SIMON Lumsden, Clyde's breakfast news reader, has worked in a number of fully computerised radio stations before and he is delighted about the introduction of Enco DAD.
Caribbean specialist Enco Products is taking on Uncle Ben's and Tilda with what it claims is the first range of microwaveable Caribbean rice pouches.
We realize that there are excellent opportunities outside of the US with our product line," says Mike Rosa, principal of Enco.
The Caribbean sunshine has been kind to Enco Products and its key brands, with impressive growth and category leadership.
com, today announced an alliance with Broadcast Electronics (BE), Enco Systems and MediaTouch in order to streamline the receiving, processing and airing of radio spots.
This week at the NAB Radio Show in San Francisco, CMI announced additional strategic alliances with Digidesign, Enco Systems and several Internet radio companies.
Two devices exploded at La Rigoletta and Enco restaurants in Palma de Mallorca following the call to a Basque taxi company at around 1130 local time, according to the website of Spanish newspaper El Mundo.
The Network iQ(TM) ENCO option for the NiQ 800 Series provides high speed DES compression, and retails for $295.
The King Pepper Co, based in the Trelawney region of Jamaica (UK agent Enco Products), has launched a Jamaican Run] Barbecue Sauce, in a 525g jar which it exports under the Eaton's label.
In this quarter, we are seeing the effect of the downsizing we did at Enco in order to make it into a more profitable company.