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ENCODEuropean NGO Council on Drugs
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Another organization representing this fraction, the ENCOD (the European NGO Council on Drugs and Development), a coalition of nongovernmental organizations, claims that "drug prohibition generates social conflicts, violations of human rights, corruption, ecological destruction and major rural poverty in developing countries" and continues to argue that "it is possible to design a coherent drug policy starting from the principle that, to reduce harm, it is essential to improve the conditions of life of people involved in both ends of the drug chain." (13) The repeated argument in the global justice fraction is that there are seriously harmful effects of international drug control on so-called producer countries (i.e., developing countries).
(13.) From an editorial in Drugs & Development, the newsletter of ENCOD, No.
"Global justice ATTRIBUTES fraction" Actors ("movement "New activist" intellectuals") (organic intellectual) Resources (allies) Ethics (human rights, justice) Obligation to act Solidarity, global equality Measures Stopping the US war on drugs; "sustainable development" instead Goals New just world order Opponents Imperialist, neo-liberal governance (e.g., US, INCB, UNODC) Organizations TNI, ENCOD (examples)
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