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ENCODEEncyclopedia of DNA Elements
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With this funding, ENCODE will expand the scope of its efforts to include characterization centers, which will study the biological role that candidate functional elements may play and develop methods to determine how they contribute to gene regulation in a variety of cell types and model systems.
From what we've seen in the past, we know what we can achieve: the faster we can encode the video, the more we can do, and that is what's been growing our business."
Of the segment-2 sequences, 56% encode an intact PB1-F2.
The ENCODE project is intended to pick up where the Human Genome Project left off, by providing answers about the roles that are played by the different genetic elements in the sequence.
They have also shown that there is a clear separation between the model used to represent data and the algorithm used to encode information with respect to that model.
The Makito X4 was designed for broadcasters that need to encode live video in HD or 4K for streaming over IP networks.
Scientists estimate that more than 22,000 genes encode human proteins.
MPEGator 4 can now capture, encode, and stream whilst reducing image processing time.
XCode II is the first chipset that can encode and transrate multiple streams of analog and digital content in real time, including high definition and standard definition video.
MSR then uses this table of patterns to encode the data stream in a highly efficient format by replacing each instance of the pattern with the corresponding label (See Figure).
They encode the location of an object or resource and, since the rules for specifying a URL are widely recognized and accepted as a standard, decoding the location specified by a URL has become a trivial capability implemented in a wide array of network applications.
This is because influenza viruses, like many other viruses, encode mechanisms to evade and antagonize the IFN[alpha]/[beta] response (14).