ENCTExternal Neutral Current Transformer (electricity)
ENCTExplicit Network Call Transfer
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Nurses were given 2 weeks to respond both to the individual ENCT items and also to others' comments.
Segun la V ENCT, la actividad preventiva que mas frecuentemente se esta desarrollando en el centro de trabajo por motivos de seguridad y salud, segun los responsables de empresa, en el ano 2003, son los reconocimientos medicos (realizados por el 69% de los centros).
The data used in this study come from the 1997 Encuesta Nacional de Condiciones de Trabajo (ENCT) carried out by the Spanish Department of Labor between October 20, 1997, and December 20, 1997.
A spokesman for WYCA said: "One of our main transport spending commitments is PS45 million on the government's statutory English National Concessionary Transport Scheme (ENCTS) which enables free and reduced bus travel for older and disabled people.
Contract: encts - wokingham borough council concessionary travel system
The 'bus pass' - officially the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme or ENCTS - is funded by HM Government with local authorities, who are responsible for implementing and administering the scheme locally.
El crecimiento de la intensidad o intensificacion del trabajo durante las ultimas dos decadas se ha documentado de forma extensiva en Europa (Burchell, 2009; Green, 2006; Green y Mostafa, 2012) y nosotros mismos hemos encontrado una intensificacion del trabajo en Espana en el periodo 1999-2012, con los datos oficiales de las Encuestas Nacionales de Condiciones de Trabajo (ENCTs) (Perez-Zapata et al.
In particular, RAL Space will take advantage of the Document Configuration & Change Management (DCCM), the Non-Conformance Tracking System (eNCTS) and Action Items Manager (AIM) modules.
Unless the gentlemen is Peter Pan, then, all being well, he will one day have an ENCTS bus pass.
The English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS) comes into operation this morning, which essentially introduces free local bus travel for all over-60s and those with disabilities.
Tenders are invited for encts wokingham borough council concessionary travel system
MCARDs, ENCTS pass concessions and bus operator season tickets will be valid.
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