ENCTAEastern North Carolina Turfgrass Association
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The MPs also visited the National Post Office of Angola (ENCTA), the Angolan Communications Institute (INACOM), the National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN), the Telecommunications Institute (ITEL) and the Itel Training Center (CFTEL).
ACTE Involvement: Division: FACS Division Vice President, 2004-2007; NATFACS Committees, including Registration, Scholarship and Financial Growth; NATFACS Curriculum Showcase Presenter, 2002; Attended ACTE National Policy Seminar, 2000-2006; ACTE Assembly of Delegates, 1998-2006; Memberships include ACTE, Missouri ACTE, FCSEA and NATFACS, MSTA and ENCTA, FCCLA Alumni and Associates.
MoACTE Policy Committee Chair; MoACTE Legislative Activities; MoACTE House of Delegates; MoEFACS President (1998-2000); MoEFACS Legislative Committee Chair; MoEFACS Committees including Membership, Public Relations, Special Functions; Missouri Teacher Leader Cadre; MoEFACS New and Returning Teacher In-service Training Leader (2000-2002); FCCLA Advisor; East Newton Career Ladder Chairperson; MSTA; past ENCTA President and Secretary
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