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ENDEnd of Data
ENDEnergy Never Dies (Black Eyed Peas album)
ENDÉquipes Notre-Dame (Teams of our lady)
ENDEndomorphism (mathematics)
ENDExotic Newcastle Disease
ENDEuropean Nuclear Disarmament
ENDEnhanced Network Driver (multiple protocols on a single driver)
ENDEnding Nicotine Dependence (stop-smoking program for teens)
ENDEvolutionary Network Development (US Postal Service technology program)
ENDEquivalent Noise Degradation
ENDEuropean Network for Democracy-Project
ENDExchange Name Documentation
ENDEveryone Nearly Decommissioned (Kids Next Door TV show)
ENDElectronic Null Detector
ENDEmergency Network Diagnostics
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We have now gone to lining up the defender on the tight end at a three to four yard cushion.
15) The physical basis of the working-class communities recounted in oral histories and autobiographies was very small--the street or neighborhood, not the large subdivisions of the East End such as Poplar or Stepney, and certainly not the entirety of the East End itself.
That is, all Tier 1 suppliers who have "gray box" or "black box" design responsibility should have a robust system for end consumer research in each of their key component areas.
Europe and the Far East may be a little bit ahead of the United States in new developments for wet end chemistry, but there is nothing to write home about.
A tight end is like an appendix: You've got one, but you can't remember what it's for.
92-13, for changes for which the short period ends on or after Jan.
The right slot back sets up about eight yards to the right of the center, off the ball, and the split end sets 12 yards to the right of the center, off the ball.
During his absence, sophomore Bryan Fletcher matured into UCLA's most athletic tight end, transfer Randy Hakes learned the system, and the Bruins signed Westlake's Mike Seidman, the top tight-end prospect in the West.
1 million customers at the end of 2006; industry-leading mobile data services; instant national and international walkie-talkie capabilities; and an award-winning and global Tier 1 Internet backbone.
Promising Gains for Epoxy Resins in Flooring End Use Segment 8
Ultra2 SCSI and later versions are only LYD SCSI; it is the only interface that will work with the higher speeds demanded by servers and high end workstations.
Donald Mindiak President & CEO commented, "Consistent with prior year end trend results, the Company has recorded its sixth consecutive year of increasing profitability.