ENDAUMEastern Navajo Diné Against Uranium Mining
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Taxpayers for Common Sense Action joined ENDAUM and Udall in opposition of the corporate uranium subsidies.
To pursue its case, Capitan estimates, ENDAUM has spent $150,000 fighting the mine, most of it going for fees to expert witnesses who dispute fact-for-fact Hydro Resources' claims about the region's geological structure and the likelihood of water and air contamination.
20, requesting the sanctions motion be denied, ENDAUM and Southwest Resources and Information Center stated that the real issue raised by Hydro Resources' sanctions motion "is whether the interventers have a right under the Atomic Energy Act and the First Amendment to dispute Hydro Resources' proposal to mine uranium.
Those battling for a uranium-free future in Crownpoint-Church Rock, in addition to ENDAUM members such as Capitan, Kathleen Tsosie and Larry King, are intervenors like Chris Shuey of the Southwest Research and Information Center; Jaime Chavez of the Water Information Network, both in Albuquerque, and attorneys from the New Mexico Environmental Law Center and the Washington firm of Harmon, Curran, Spielberg and Eisenberg.