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ENDEVOREnvironment for Developers and Operations
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Winterthur Spain has, according to the company, chosen Endevor in a bid to optimise their e-business systems and eliminate programming errors.
We currently utilize CA Endevor SCM for all Mainframe software change management tasks and recently participated in the CA Endevor SCM V15.
0 for distributed change management and Endevor Webstation for mainframe change management.
endevor I could fynde no other way, to such true wisdom atteyning, but by .
CA SymDump Batch r8 - integrates with CA Endevor Software Change Manager to help customers more quickly identify and resolve application dumps to better safeguard system stability and reliability.
Bob has more than thirty years experience spearheading development, strategic planning and technical management initiatives with Tivoli, BST Software's ENDEVOR, and Legent Corporation's overall product and technical strategies.