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ENDLEvaluated Nuclear Data Library
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There is substantial interest in the scientific community in plants with high antioxidant content, including the native Australian bush fruit Illawarra plum (Podocarpus elatus Endl.
Brady Endl joined Cleary Gull Advisors in 2012 from Marquette University.
Tenders are invited for Switch endl Clamp for Mink 2) 2 inch Bus bar Swithcend clamp 3) L Clamp for Kundha Conductor to Breaker and 4) Zebra T Clamp for 2 inch hus
2009); likewise, 1tea europaea and fossil 1tea pollen from Europe are also known to occur in floras where the taxodiaceous genera Taxodium or Glyptostrobus Endl.
Theobroma cacao L and Cola acuminate Schott and EndL (Family: Sterculiaceae)
The Nikkei Conference is organized by Nikkei Electronics and ENDL, and is sponsored by the SCSI Trade Association (STA) and Fibre Channel Solutions.
Michael Endl of Fichte-Endl Eye Associates presented the results of a retrospective analysis of patients treated with flapless Epi-LASIK compared to patients treated with femtosecond LASIK.