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ENDOWEducating on the Nature and Dignity of Women (Denver, CO)
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Then endow this creature of your imagination with the agility and ferocity of a half-starved Bengal tiger and the strength of a span of bulls, and you will have some faint conception of Woola in action.
But ye men endow us always with your own virtues--alas, ye virtuous ones
You ought to endow a hospital or something out of pure gratitude.
Though his glance wandered, for moments, from her countenance to the more intelligible and yet extraordinary charms of Ellen, it did not fail to return promptly to the study of a creature who, in the view of his unpractised eye and untutored imagination, was formed with all that perfection, with which the youthful poet is apt to endow the glowing images of his brain.
He regarded her as safe within the Temple of Podsnappery, hiding the fulness of time when she, Georgiana, should take him, Fitz-Podsnap, who with all his worldly goods should her endow.
Ogg's has not got force of motive enough to build and endow schools without calling in the force of folly.
It said that the fund will majorly endow in SMEs with scalable development patterns and credible management groups all over 6 core sectors comprising agri-business/food processing, energy services, manufacturing and import substitution, education and healthcare services, technology and media and real estate services.
The cost of endowing a bed is PS200, and it is the hope of the Mayor of Wallasey to raise sufficient to endow one bed by the sale of flags tomorrow, and to raise a second PS200 by means of the special matinee performances to be given at the Scala Theatre, Seacombe, next Wednesday; at the Winter Gardens, New Brighton, the following Wednesday; and at the Queen's Picturedrome, Poulton Road, Seacombe, on some day in the following week.